Will my phone number be visible on the website?
No we only collect your phone number for administrative reasons and will not be passing this out in any curler searches.

Will my email be visible on the website?
No your email address will always remain hidden. Any searchers will contact you via email through a contact form but your email address will remain hidden.

Will searchers be able to find out my email when they contact me?
No your email address will always remain hidden. If you receive an email from a searcher and choose to respond via email then ONLY at that point will the searcher ascertain your email address.

Can I prevent registered curlers from being found in searches?
Yes indeed you can. Navigate to the 'Edit Curler' screen for the correct curler and at the base of the page uncheck the box under 'Currently Active'. The curler will not then show up in searches until you check this box once again.

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